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The Plant is located in Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, Indonesia. The Plant will have Nominal Rated Capacity of 350 MW. The Plant will utilize the discharge of Merangin River and Kerinci Lake. The catchments area of 1353 km2 river basin at the Plant including the residual basin between the outlet of lake Kerinci, and the intake dam has a catchment area of 393 km2. The average recorded Merangin River discharge is 59.4 m3/s. The Plant shall be constructed of new equipment and materials only.

The Plant will be equipped with 4 (four) generating units. The electric power produced by the Plant will be dispatched through 150 kV transmission line. The 150 kV line will be constructed from power plant switchyard to the existing transmission line 150 kV of nearest PLN’s grid system in the part of Jambi Province. The 150 kV power plant switchyard and its related transmission line connecting to PLN’s 150 kV Grid System is designed and constructed to accommodate power produced by the Plant.

The Plant is located at the Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, Indonesia. The project area is 377 km from Teluk Bayur Sea Port, and about 400 km from Jambi, the capital city of Jambi Province. The coordinate of the powerhouse benchmark of the Plant is : 2° 13' 5,72" - 2° 11' 26.4" South Latitude and 101° 40' 18.54" - 101° 45' 44.94" East Longitude

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has been signed off between PT Kerinci Merangin Hidro (PT KMH) and PT PLN on 15th December 2018. Based on the signed PPA, the Commercial Operation Date milestone shall be 15 th November 2025.

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